List of Upcoming Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center Classes.

Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki, & Master/Teacher Certification.

All levels of Reiki are presently offered on a one-on-one basis at this time. Group classes will be offered in the future upon request. Each level includes Certification. Please contact Judith via phone at 804-247-4667, or email for more information.

Reiki Healing Circle

Open to all Reiki & Energy Healing Practitioners who desire to give & receive energy healing. The Circle meets Wednesdays at 1p, usually twice a month. For those who just wish to receive healing during this circle's meet, and/or interested in learning Reiki, please contact Judith at 804-247-4667 or email A one-time fee of $20 is required to join this circle (to cover business property costs, maintenance, supplies, etc). Check our calendar for the next scheduled Reiki Circle gathering.

Twice a month on Wed.
See CHHAC Class Calendar for days/times.

Mediumship Theory

This is a 12 lecture series on Mediumship. Cost is $15. Cash, Check, and Credit Card accepted upon attendance. If using Credit Card, please arrive 10-15 minutes early for card processing. 

NOTE: This lecture (as well the others) will be offered on alternate dates to accommodate interested parties. The lecture will also be offered in future months as requested.

**Anyone completing all mediumship lectures in the theory series will receive a certificate of completion in Mediumship Theory.  

See CHHAC Class Calendar for days/times.


Book Study Group: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

This is a new and free book study group for those interested in obtaining a better understanding of certain thought-provoking non-fiction books. This month and for some months to come, we will be focusing on works by Eckhart Tolle. The course of study this month is on "THE POWER OF NOW." We will be assessing the book's philosophical messages, evaluating the book for its worth, expressing our own thoughts, views, and ideas among other group readers

This group study is led by Cindy Welch. If possible, please obtain a copy of the POWER OF NOW prior to class and try to read at least the first few chapters. A few new & used copies of the book will be available to purchase from the Arts Center (our meeting place) should the need arise.

See CHHAC Class Calendar for days/times.

Master Your Writing Series: Lecture 1

Healing to Divination. A therapeutic look at gemstones and crystals to assist in healing and escalate our sensitivity to timeless knowledge.

See CHHAC Class Calendar for days/times.


Bring your cards and apply your card reading skills with other developing readers. Learn among a group and a mentor to receive tips and strengthen your card reading skills. Cost for this Practice Study is $5.

See CHHAC Class Calendar for days/times.

A Course In Miracles Study Group

This is new and free study group for those interested in studyingA Course In Miracles (by the Foundation of Inner Peace). We will be assessing the Course's value, validity, it's philosophical messages, and its effectiveness in awakening individuals to their true nature and highest potential. 

Cultivate your wisdom by joining in and expressing your own thoughts and evaluating others' ideas on what the Course is about and how it can motivate, transform, reduce egotism, and rejuvenate more love, joy and compassion in one's life. Refine your perception and explore the ethical dimensions of this inspiring book of wisdom and peace.

Led by Kevin Heath, who has quickly become fascinated by theACIM teachings and its benefits, this study group will have you understanding A Course In Miracles as never before. 

See CHHAC Class Calendar for days/times.

Learning to Read Tarot Cards - Lesson One

Learn the wisdom and knowledge of the tarot in this 3-lesson course that will introduce you to tarot basics and provide you with practical tools to enhance your intuitive abilities. This class can be taken as a stand alone and does not require attendance of lessons 2 & 3. In this first lesson, you will learn to understand tarot structure – the major arcana and minor arcana, and a bit about working with color associations, numerological meanings, symbols & images. Methods of interpretation will be covered, how to cleanse and clear your tarot cards, specific techniques for using the cards, and how they can be used to enhance and guide your life. Each class is $12. Purchasing a deck of Tarot cards is not required for this first class, however recommended for the serious learner. Suggested deck to purchase for this course is either the traditional Rider Waite, the Universal Waite, or Radiant Rider Waite. These can be ordered via, or purchased at Barnes & Noble or the Aquarian Bookshop in Carytown Richmond, VA. If you have a deck, please bring it with you. Handouts will be issued; a notebook is suggested. Cash, check, or credit card accepted. If using CC, please come 10 minutes early for payment processing.

See CHHAC Class Calendar for days/times.

Angel Oracle Practicum

Bring your cards for this oracle reading practice. Must be somewhat familiar with the cards as this will not be a lecture-type class, but rather an hour and 45 minutes of doing readings and receiving readings. Learn among a group and mentors to develop better skill and acquire tips to strengthen your connection with the Angels. 

We will practice a variety of spreads and techniques. If you forget your cards, we will have several extra decks to work with.  Share how you use them and learn how to make them work better for you.

Cost for this Practicum is $5 to provide support for the center's expenses & services. Light refreshments provided.

See CHHAC Class Calendar for days/times.

Crystal Energy Healing

Healing to Divination. A therapeutic look at gemstones and crystals to assist in healing and escalate our sensitivity to timeless knowledge. This class will be available in the studio in May 2016.


Past Life Regressions

Join Judith in a monthly group past life regression to meet your spirit guide and explore two of your past lives. Discover how regression can improve the quality of your life and heal root causes of emotional and physical problems. Class limited to 16 people. Check our calendar for the next scheduled group regression.

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